Case Studies

Just a few examples of past work carried out by Paynes.

1951 Maserati A6 GCM F1 Racing Engine
This engine has been modified and developed by Paynes including manufacture of new camshafts and valve-train, pistons & bearings.
It can currently be seen competing in historic races and is featured in the Monaco historic weekend.
Hispano Suiza engine parts
Reclamation is a Paynes speciality. These bearings were re-white-metalled and the crankshaft built up and machined back to standard. 
If reclamation is not possible, new backings and spacers can be manufactured and white metalled.
Valve Seats on 1930s Bentley
Building up a Rolls Royce 20hp 'six engine'. 
Having carried out the specialist white-metalling and line boring, we can now proceed to re-assemble the crankshaft into the crankcase.
Cutting valve seats in a 1930s Bentley head
The cylinder head and block are one piece on this engine – aircraft style.
Valve guide and seat work can pose problems but we at Paynes have been working on these engines since they were new! 
Re-machined axle parts
Paynes can manufacture any part from a drawing or a pattern. This includes splining and broaching as used on these axle parts. 
Claas Harvester repair
CLAAS Sweetcorn Harvester
Machine out original driveshaft from cutter cylinder. Make new shaft and modify cylinder to accept the new shaft.
Cutting valve seats – Porsche
Seat recutting (pic)