Design & Development

FJ Payne and Son have expanded into the field of design and development to service an increasing demand for expert mechanical problem solving.
Our customers bring the problem to us – we try and devise a solution in conjunction with their specific requirements – do the research and development and then continue on into first stage manufacture.

We are not an expensive design house where all you generally get is a set of drawings, we are able to show you the product at any time of manufacture to allow for any fine tuning which may be required as the prototype is being made.
Alternatively if you have a product already designed but no machinery to manufacture we are also happy to help where possible.
Among the products we have already helped with are heavy lifting machinery for specific products, medical lifting equipment, and problem solving on security systems.

The company has 90 years of experience in the engineering business, with highly qualified staff and a huge knowledge of this field we feel able to offer a very high standard to all of our customers.

Among the work Paynes has already undertaken are the following:
•    Medical lifting equipment
•    Lifting equipment for dedicated products
•    Security/anti tamper devices
•    Automated gate mechanisms