Supporting our engine machining services is a wide range of new quality engine spares as well as access to a range of pre used engine components such as crankshafts, con-rods, cylinder blocks and heads. Our parts manager who has been with us for nearly 35 years and has gained an extensive knowledge in this field. 

  • Stockists of pistons, liners, rings,
  • Bearings, Mains, big ends, thrust washers, cam and small ends.
  • Gaskets, head gaskets and sets, bottom and a number of individual ones too.
  • Head bolts, valves and guides, hydraulic lifters, cams, timing kits or just belts.
  • Miscellaneous parts include oil and water pumps. Gasket and cork jointing, wellseal jointing compound.
  • We also supply new cylinder heads and have access to second hand cranks & con-rods.